The Les Arnold and Dazzle act

poster-smallThe Les Arnold and Dazzle act is a satirical look at every “Stuffed Shirt” Magician you have ever seen and his assistant that you wished you hadn’t. Dazzles costumes, hairstyle and makeup are over the top, while Les, with his pencil-thin mustache, grandiose floor-length cape, and top hat attempts to be the ultimate in understated elegance. The magic is solid but the characters are comically unstable, resulting in a funhouse ride of laughs, gasps and astonishment.

When Les Arnold and his daughter, Alex (aka Dazzle), discussed how they where going to structure the act, they both agreed that they wanted to do strong magic with a comedic flair. They decided to take the magic back to the timeless era of the 1930’s and 40’s and play it for laughs with quality magic.